Collection development

My main source of inspiration for my 15 piece collection is based around the characteristics of the straitjacket and prison confinement, in terms of texture, colour pallet and finishes.

Alexander Wang's Spring/ Summer 2011 collection has an 'under construction' vibe as he describes it, and is also influenced by psych wards. I find this collection quite refreshing with not an inch of black in sight. You can see the influence of the straitjacket emerging in the crisp wrap-around lapels and kimono style vests and jackets. I really like the loose fitting, low waisted dresses and jumpsuits, which gives it a relaxed look. The colours are minimalist with only a few highlight colours, which is what I would like to do in my collection.

Another person that has used the straitjacket as their inspiration is American designer Jeremy Scott. This is his straitjacket wedding dress for his spring collection. Even though it's quite comical, I really like the fastenings at the front of the dress as a design feature.

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